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Amjad Ali Khan

Deputy Director

Mr. Khan serves as the Deputy Director of Esya Centre and is also the founding Director of the International Summer School, New Delhi. His professional journey began at the Planning Commission where he was among the youngest Consultants to be under the direct employ of the Government of India.  He holds a Master’s degree from SOAS at the University of London and a Bachelor’s degree from Warwick Business School.

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Shohini Sengupta


Ms. Sengupta is a Research Fellow at the Esya Centre. Prior to this she was a Senior Resident Fellow at the Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy, and has also worked for the Government of India as an energy lawyer. She has assisted the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, financial sector regulators, and the Fifteeth Finance Commission on a number of socio-economic and legal matters. She has a Bachelor's degree in law from the National Law Institute University, Bhopal, and a Master's degree in Law and Finance from the University of Oxford on a leadership scholarship.


aishwarya giridhar

Junior Fellow

Ms. Giridhar is a lawyer whose areas of interest include internet governance, free speech, and intellectual property. She also enjoys working on issues relating to competition, labour and technology. She has previously worked as an associate at Khaitan & Co.