Published Papers

Date: 2019.03.12

Title: Contemporary Culture and IP: Establishing the Conceptual Framework

Description: ‘Contemporary Culture and IP’ is envisioned as the all-encompassing theme for a series of explorative and provocative monographs on a wide range of topics. The monographs will be rooted in questions of value, innovation, and technology, all of which are considered hallmarks of contemporary digital culture in this series. The monographs will clarify the intersections between intellectual property (IP) laws and digital technologies, emphasising new approaches to managing digital cultural rights, which challenge traditional notions around culture and IP. This foundational report aims to build conceptual understandings of what is meant by digital culture, who the key stakeholders are, and what incentives drive them. Further, it outlines visible economic and legal trends that will inform future monographs.

technology series columns in the pioneer

Date: 2019.05.02

Title: Resolution Through Dialogue

Description: Instead of imposing blanket rules, Governments globally can implement a regulatory model involving a negotiation with technology companies that is based on identified issues.

Policy Briefs and Submissions to the Government

Date: 2019.01.31

Title: Response to the Draft Information Technology [Intermediary Guidelines (Amendment) Rules], 2018

Description: The Esya Centre greatly appreciates the opportunity given to us by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) to respond to the draft ‘Information Technology [Intermediary Guidelines (Amendment) Rules], 2018’, which seek to replace the rules notified in 2011. We appreciate that MeitY has undertaken to reform and clarify issues on Internet governance through these rules.

independent op-Eds

Date: 2019.04.08

Publisher: Firstpost

Title: Digital Rights of Citizens in 2019 Election Manifestos: Inclusion in Poll Agenda Signals Key Shift in Discourse on Policy Making, Governance